The time has come! The top northeast bass fishing academy is here in Central New York! Already catching fish? Well, improve your skills and knowledge about bass fishing for the best experience. Get trained on different rod and reel set-ups, differences in fishing line, fishing knots, artificial baits and lures while the fish GET HOOKED! Navigate, control and read topographical maps and electronics for the guide into waters UNKNOWN. Learn environmental conservation, catch and release, boater safety, comradery, and positive fishing etiquette to stand out from the rest, but most of all to enjoy the sport of fishing. Think, Adapt, and React instantly to the fishing environment with bass fishing techniques that only you will have. Pitch, Jig, Crank, and finesse your way through the spring, summer, and fall month patterns for all weather situations. Learn on one of the top national bass fishing lakes in the country right here in Upstate New York…on beautiful Oneida Lake.

From tying knots, to catching lunkers in a few short sessions!


This program will be managed and taught by esteemed fishermen who have experience, expertise and passion for the sport. Workshops may involve professional bass master guest speakers and guest instructors to ensure the highest teaching quality for all participants. The Get Hooked Fishing Academy believes in providing a positive experience that will ensure integrity, respect and consistency is bestowed.

Pro Angler Endorsers:
  • Get Hooked Pro Endorser: Andy Morgan

    Andy Morgan

    2013 & 2014 FLW Angler of the Year

  • Get Hooked Pro Endorser: Brent Chapman

    Brent Chapman

    2012 Bassmaster Elite Series Angler of the Year

  • Get Hooked Pro Endorser: Byron Velick

    Byron Velvick

    Professional Angler / TV Host

  • Get Hooked Pro Endorser: Clay Dyer

    Clay Dyer

    Professional Bassmaster & FLW Angler

  • Get Hooked Pro Endorser: Hank Cherry

    Hank Cherry

    2013 Bassmaster Elite Series All-Star Champion

  • Get Hooked Pro Endorser: Jacob Powroznik

    Jacob Powroznik

    2014 Bassmaster Rookie of the Year

  • Get Hooked Pro Endorser: Jarrett Edwards

    Jarrett Edwards

    Owner/Operator of “Edwards Entertainment"

  • Get Hooked Pro Endorser: Stetson Blaylock

    Stetson Blaylock

    2013 FLW Runner-Up Angler of the Year

  • Get Hooked Pro Endorser: Randy Howell

    Randy Howell

    2014 Bassmaster Classic Champion

Think, Adapt, and React instantly


Get Hooked Course Location

The Get Hooked Fishing Academy will comprise of a 6-month course that will teach you everything you need to know about Large and Smallmouth Bass. Once a month the Instructors will have in-class sessions and hands-on workshops outlining each month’s topics. Each class will be 3 hours long, and will provide detailed techniques and applications for each targeted fish species for that lesson.

Course Topics:
  • Pro Angler Day

    Bass Class Prep

  • Class 1

    Bass Basics- Applying the basics

  • Class 2

    “Game Time” - “In the thick of things, or off in the deep end?”

  • Class 3

    “Dog Days” - “Falling Short”

  • Class 4

    “Winter is Near” - “Winterization Thinking”

  • Class 5

    “Honing Your Skills” - “New Year/New Gear”

  • Class 6

    “Future of Fishing” - “Graduation”

Download our full course syllabus Here

Get trained on different Rod and Reel set-ups!


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Get Hooked Instructor: Mike H Pikulinski

Mike H Pikulinski

Lead Instructor

“Coach” Michael H. Pikulinski, a retired educator and football coach of Syracuse, NY is passionate about giving back and spreading positive light onto youth. Pikulinski holds a Master’s degree in Education and presently spends his time as a bass angler, pro staff/representative for Team E Outdoors, a current board member with American Comrades, a rep for Livingston Lures, and Brick Squad Leader for Legends boats. He has accumulated many skills and techniques in the sport of fishing over his life-long angling hobby that began when he was just a kid. He has participated in fishing tournaments since 1983 as an angler and has also had 70 fishing articles written about him. Coach says “The youth of America is the bridge to our future success in society. Through education and positive outdoor experiences, I hope to develop respect, responsibility, loyalty, trust, work ethic, and a caring attitude toward others. Most of all, the desire to achieve. The young people can be a positive influence in society.” Coach P. is eager to lead the Get Hooked program and pass on his understanding of the technical aspects of fishing, the fishing industry as well as the importance of a good attitude, work ethic and having fun in the process.

Get Hooked Instructor: Mike E Pikulinski

Mike E Pikulinski

Lead Instructor

Fishing was introduced to me by both my grandfather and father. I started fishing at the age of five. Ever since then, I have been hooked on fishing. I owe a huge thanks to both my grandfather and father for introducing me to such a great sport. The sport of fishing has allowed me to learn valuable life lessons and establish lifelong friendships. I have a tremendous passion for fishing and the fishing industry. I live and breathe fishing. Fishing is more than a sport to me, its apart of my life. I have been fortunate to travel and fish numerous bodies of water throughout the U.S. However, the lakes, rivers, and streams in New York State are close to my heart. I enjoy fishing the Finger Lakes, the Adirondack Lakes, and Lake Ontario. My favorite lake is Oneida Lake. To me, Oneida Lake is an exceptional body of water that has allowed me to strengthen my fishing knowledge, skills, and abilities. I enjoy fishing at a competitive level. I have fished bass tournaments since the age of fourteen. I fish at a variety of levels. I currently have seventeen top ten finishes, including eight top three finishes and two wins. I am blessed to have sponsors that help to support me with my future endeavors. The products that I fish have contributed to my success. It is my goal in life to share my fishing knowledge and experiences with others. I have made it my mission to expose more people to the sport of fishing.

Get Hooked Instructor: Gene Cochran

Gene Cochran


Gene Cochran has been in the boating industry for 12 years and found his passion for bass fishing tournaments in 1998. Gene has been the tournament director of Anglers Choice CNY, and is presently Pro staff and Videographer for Team E Outdoors. He participates as a board member for American Comrades and has been part of the management team with Tracker Boats for eight years. Gene angles in a number of different fishing leagues including, Crown City Bassmasters, Salt City Bassmasters, B.A.S.S Weekend Series, and the BFL. Cochran commits his time by sharing his knowledge on boats, motors, tackle and fishing strategies.

Get Hooked Instructor: Michael Morrin

Michael Morrin


Mike Morrin’s passion for the outdoors grew into a competitive fishing career that began at age 17. With over 20 years of experience and 30 first place tournament wins, Mike has accumulated a knowledge and passion he enjoys sharing with youth and new anglers alike. Mike has exposed himself to affiliates such as, B.A.S.S., FLW, NYS Bass Federation, Team Nitro, Mercury, and more that all have helped expand his career and provide opportunities to share his years of developed skill and technique. The competitive bass fisherman angled between club teams and moved through the ranks with tours such as FLW, BFL, and most recently, the BASS Open Tour. Living in the Finger Lakes region my whole life, my passion for the outdoors grew into a competitive fishing career beginning at age 17. My current affiliations have awarded me with career earnings near $65,000. Angling between club teams then moving through the ranks with tours such as FLW, BFL, and most recent the BASS Open Tour, I have a desire to not only continue to competitive fish but provide opportunities for youth and new anglers. With over 20 years’ experience and 30 first place tournament wins, I have lots to share, but still more to learn. Exposing myself with affiliates such as B.A.S.S., FLW, NYS Bass Federation, and Team Nitro and Mercury, and many more are just some of the ways my career will grow and provide opportunities to share my knowledge with others. In my time as an angler, travelling between the Potomac River to Chautauqua Lake, into Canadian waters along the St. Lawrence or throughout the beloved Finger Lakes, I have discovered new techniques and uncovered new fishing holes. I have experienced good days and bad days of fishing, some of the most memorable and dreadful. But what I have learned most in this time, is that whether or not it is a co-angler assigned for the tournament, or one of the thousands of opponents I have met with secrets and stories of the day on the lake, we have one thing in common. We share a passion for a misunderstood sport, one of the most physically and mentally demanding sports ever. This is why many of my assigned co-anglers, opponents, and fellow anglers are now lifelong friends and family, still sharing techniques and secret spots, still exaggerating about what happened, could have happened, or almost happened. In this new fishing family I have met over time, one thing remains, the passion we have as competitive bass fisherman. I hope the future brings many more competitive tournaments to our region, experiments with new techniques and products, but most importantly meeting new co-anglers and competitors, young and old, to the passionate sport of bass fishing.

Get Hooked Instructor: Alex Dziengielewski

Alex Dziengielewski

Instructor | President of Hyrda Fishing, LLC/ALX Rods

Alex began rod building as a hobby to go hand in hand with his fishing addiction. His passion for building performance fishing rods developed into a very successful custom rod building business that made him one of the top rod builders in the country. After continued efforts of experimentation and desire for better rod performance, Alex became known as one of the first five people to build rods using micro guides. He went on to develop proprietary blanks, design rod components for leading parts manufacturers and built a solid name with ALX Rods in the bass fishing community. Today, Alex consults with numerous labels to help design and produce rods while still managing the ALX Rods operations.

Get Hooked Instructor: Carly Chier

Carly Chier

Instructor | @smallmouthqueen

Carly is a devoted angler who strives to obtain endless knowledge. She spends her spring, summer and fall months perfecting techniques to catch heavy bass and her winters fly fishing for steelhead. Carly’s father involved her with the outdoors at a very young age, from fishing for perch at their cottage on Skaneateles Lake to tracking deer during hunting season. She was taught the values of life before she was in grade school. Carly started fishing as a co-angler in the summer of 2014, landing herself with three top ten finishes and two in the top twenties. She competes in the NYS B.A.S.S Federation, Walmart BFL, ABA Weekend Series and Bassmaster Opens. While working towards her goal to compete full time, she works as a service representative for a major paper and food distributor in New York and plans to attend college with a major in biology. Her other hobbies include bow hunting, weight lifting, fly tying and cooking. Carly’s favorite words to live by are “A diamond is merely a lump of coal that did well under pressure” - Henry Kissinger

Get Hooked Instructor: John Scipione

John Scipione

Instructor | @jscipione86

John Scipione Jr is an avid outdoorsman and is involved with fishing and Hunting all year round. John has worked as a professional in the video broadcasting business for 10 years and has worked for ESPN, NBC sports, BigEast Network, and CBS sports among others. Scipione is currently a video producer, editor, and motion graphics artist for a private technology company in Upstate NY. John played baseball in high school and college as a pitcher where he learned to be a team player and a mentor to youth. He grew up in Orlando, FL and Gainesville, GA most of his life, but now lives on Oneida Lake where he enjoys watching the sun rise and set over the water every day. He started fishing tournaments in the northeast for the first time in 2014 as a Co-angler and fishes the ABA Weekend Series, the BFL, and Bassmaster Opens. John’s hard work, discipline, and focus staying consistent yet adaptable while fishing gives him more opportunities for success. John says “I have been fishing most of my life, and I am grateful for my father who played a huge role in getting me involved in the outdoors… Fishing has improved my life, and it has taught me to be patient, quick, and resourceful.” John spends most of his time on Oneida Lake but loves fishing Lake Champlain and the St. Lawrence River. He favors the smallmouth and largemouth bite but enjoys all types of fishing like walleye, panfish, trout, and salmon. He would later say “I think it’s important to preserve outdoor conservation and I think sharing that knowledge is important to the community and fishermen. I think this will play a huge role in our fishing future in New York State.” John is looking forward to many successful years of fishing, and enjoys sharing his experience with up and coming anglers.

Get Hooked Instructor: Liz Ogilvie

Liz Ogilvie

Instructor | Keep America Fishing Director

Liz Ogilvie has several years of marketing and fundraising experience in the fishing industry. As Director of KeepAmericaFishing, the grassroots advocacy program of the American Sportfishing Association (ASA), she oversees the strategy behind bringing awareness to the policy issues the ASA Government Affairs team are addressing that defend our rights to fish. Prior to joining ASA, she was the senior marketing director for World Fishing Network, where she coordinated the promotion and social media outreach for over 100 television programs. She also spent four years at Trout Unlimited as the Corporate Marketing Manager. Fly fishing is her technique of choice, having pursued fish all over the world for over 20 years, and has been a fly fishing instructor for L.L. Bean. But that doesn’t mean she won’t fish with conventional tackle – whatever it takes to reel one in.


Pro Angler Day

Bass Class Launch:

This Event will showcase the bass pros who will be participating throughout the class. All potential participants will be able to interact with the pros and get a feel for what the Get Hooked Fishing Academy is like, and will be able to pre-register for the Academy.


Course 1

Bass Basics:

We will teach the different types of rods/reels/lines/lures used.

  • Applying them likewise to their correct pairings and situational uses.
  • Knot tying… showing the different knots and why…
  • Terminal tackle…the how’s and why’s
  • Guest Speaker… (Alex Dziengielewski-
Applying the Basics:

We will get into the pre-spawn patterns… in application

  • Pre-spawn/ Spawn tactics
  • Lures for these conditions and presentation
  • Finding these fish (Maps/Graph session) “studying for the exam”
  • Guest Speaker (Coast guard power squadron rules on the water.)

Course 2

Game Time:

We will teach preparation and adjustments for the water.

  • Preparing your tackle (Angler-prep/ Co-angler-Prep)
  • Mental preparation… “Is your homework done?” finding the fish?
  • Spawn/Post Spawn conversation… adjusting to this and weather.
In the thick of things, or off the deep end?:

We will discuss summer patterns (where they are, why they are there, and how to catch them.)

  • Dock fishing, mat fishing, shore structure, and offshore structure.
  • Using your graphs on deep edges and weed lines
  • Guest Speaker (DEC…Know your laws)

Course 3

Dog Days:

Discussing late summer patterns

  • Keeping yourself safe on the water (hydration, sunblock, chap-stick)
  • Bass summer habits...where/why/how to find our summer targets.
Falling Short:

Speed up or slow down…hunting the “dog packs”

  • Finding these presaged bass feeding up for winter
  • lure selection and their respective presentations
  • The “match the hatch” theories and what our species are targeting
  • Specialties (Drop shot, Jerkbaits, Tubes)
  • Guest Speaker…(Elite Pro Day) Seminar

Course 4

Winter is near:

What to do for these fish as the bite has slowed

  • Speak of where our fish have gone and how to properly target wintering fish
  • Lure selection… water temps and their correlation
  • Speed/ Presentation in late fall fishing
Winterization thinking:

Taking care of your equipment

  • Boat winterization…walkthrough including live-wells
  • Boat winterization…walkthrough including live-wells
  • Preparation for next season
  • Guest Speaker…(Mercury Motors Master Technician: Dan Landry)

Course 5

Honing your skills:
  • Using your fish-finder… “In depth”
  • Flipping a coffee mug…keep the cob webs cleared
New Year/New Gear:
  • Talk about the newest innovations hitting the market from respective sponsors
  • Talk about respective applications of those tools

Course 6

Boater Safety Class:

Taught by Get Hooked instructor Gene Cochran

  • Summarization… and next year’s plan attack
  • Sponsor/Student Ceremony
  • Closing